Roofers Maple Ridge:- How To Improve Local Roofing SEO

Whenever you see roofing competitors high in the listings of search engines, you must ask yourself how that is possible and how you can secure a top spot for yourself too. Many aspects lead to search engine results. However, for roofers, the most important aspect to understand is SEO local roofing. Find out how to implement this technique in enhancing the search engines’ ranking of your business.

Roofing SEO

Search engine optimization: local (SEO) is a marketing form which businesses use to advertise the services they offer to local customers. It is a lot like a modern phonebook. The order used of the listings in the search engine is decided by algorithms. Algorithms are calculations that are mathematical, and they identify how much a business page or website matches the customer’s search.
How then do you make search engines such as Google, Bing or others to find your business as the roofing service which the local customer is looking for?

1. Pick location-specific keywords

You should use location keywords in your website and social media content, to be at the top of the roofing pack in search results.

Google keyword planner and keyword tool are examples of free tools that you can use to find out which SEO terms to use for local roofing. Going deep into specific words which assist in the growth of your roofing business online visibility is worth your while, but come up with your list first.

Picture being a homeowner who requires roofing from your company; then imagine the search terms you would use to find the roofing services. Write a listing of the words and expressions you can come up with such as roofing contractors, roofers, roof repairs and other related terms.

Then pair these keywords with local terms which the client would use to find the roofing service in that specific area. This broadened list shall now include terms to rank for. Some of these terms include:

  • Maple Ridge roofer- [neighborhood searching area] roofer
  • Roofing contractor Preston- roofing contractor [neighborhood searching area]
  • Maple Ridge roof repair- [neighborhood searching area] roof repair
  • This process works for services you are also offering window installation and others.

2. Apply keywords through the entire website.

After your local roofing SEO keyword list is ready, use these terms in your company’s website and content in your social network. A prospective client will type the terms into the search engine, and your roofing business will more probably be roofed on top of the search engine listings. Add your location-specific keywords to page titles and metadata.

Use your location specific roofing keywords in your title and metadata for the homepage, service pages, and blog posts. This helps in boosting your business’ ranking.

3. Consistent name, address, and phone number.

This can greatly boost your SEO efforts. The best practice for local roofing SEO is including your main office address in the footer of your website. Google will understand the location of your main office if you include it in the footer of your website. You should be consistent with this address throughout your entire article.
Ensure that all the main business listing on the website is updated concerning the current location of your office. Confirm that your listings are correct.

4. Create a Google My Business account.

If you don’t have one already a Google My Business account will greatly help in raising your roofing business to the top of Google’s search. Creating this account is an easy task which will greatly profit your company in many ways apart from boosting your SEO efforts. In this account, your potential clients will review your company. Through it, your site will be more noticeable on Google products such as Map and Google Search.

To improve the local search for a small business you mostly need to use the right keywords. According to the most recent updates of Google’s algorithm, aspects which led to a high ranking of a roofing business in a competitive market were related to local SEO.

Below are more practical points which will boost your local roofing search visibility Courtesy of Quantum Roofing Maple Ridge:

  • Generate links to your website from other websites.
  • If you have more than one office, create different web pages for each of them.
  • Post your office hours.