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Why Quality SEO Costs So Much: Many Reasons Why

SEO can be very expensive. When looking for SEO companies there will be many results and each of them will have a monthly fee that will need to be paid and many an engagement fee of at least $5,000. Some less reputable companies will offer these services for a few hundred dollars a month.

Why is there such a difference in the pricing? It comes down to the quality of the SEO services that are being provided. SEO is content driven. It is easy to see why services that are only a couple of hundreds of dollars more than likely do not provide quality services.

There are three main types of SEO providers:

There is the agency that has SEO experience. They take an interest in the brands that they are working with. They want to build a long-term relationship and help a business see a return on their investment. They analyze data and use tracking methods to test the effectiveness. The results should be measurable. It is good when the SEO wants your business to be successful as bad as you do.

There is the SEO company that does not seem to know better. They outsource the majority of their work. They do not perform the services themselves and do not have control of the campaign. They are counting on providers to provide quality services. They may not mean to produce more poor quality services, but that is often what happens.

There are SEO services that are just looking to make a profit. They will tell their customers just about anything to get their business. They will tell you that your site will be in the number one ranking favorable in as little as 24 hours. If you pay them quickly, you may even get a free bonus. You are just wasting your time and money.

The leads of companies are not too involved with these services and focus on what they are going to cost. This can end up costing more in the long run. If you select a quality SEO company to begin with you will be able to save a lot of time and money.

There are four reasons why amateur companies end up costing more than the professionals:

1. Link Audits are going to cost money

A website that is doing poorly can be compared to a car that is not running well. You need to find out what the problem is to fix it. A link audit needs to have all outbound links inspected to find the bad ones. There are several automated programs on the market, but they are not always accurate.

Joseph Covach from the website told us at Alternatives To Adsense that “An audit needs to be performed by someone that knows what they are looking for. This is labor intensive and can cost several thousands of dollars. To find out more information check out the link audit guide.”

2. Link Cleanups are Also Expensive

Toxic links need to be taken down. Google can allow webmasters to remove the harmful links. This is not as simple as it sounds. The link needs to be manually requested to be removed.

Google makes it clear that removing links is not as easy as uploading a file. This is a time-consuming process. Each website owner will need to contact with a request to remove the link. This is why companies can charge between $2,000 and $20,000 for a link cleanup.

3. Penalties can remove traffic immediately

There have been significant companies including Overstock that has been penalized by Google. In this case, the company was offering discounts to have anchor specific links placed on school’s websites. Overstock was not found in the search results for two months. Their revenue decreased as much as five percent which for big business is a lot of money. This was all due to a decrease in the traffic they were seeing.

Many business owners do not realize that their ranking can drop if they have low-quality SEO services.

4. De-indexation can ruin the brand

If the website did not show up in the search results at all this can be big trouble. If a site does not get any traffic from Google, they are missing out. If they do not follow Google’s guidelines, they can be removed from the search results.

The guidelines from Google can be a reference for additional information. If the SEO company uses spam, the site can be removed from Google.